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making cross platform play fair

how can fairness for players on console vs pc be achieved?


While many games have tried cross platform play I highly doubt anyone in their right mind thinks that playing RTS and FPS on gamepads is fair vs players using their mouse and keyboard.

So in my mind what the obvious choice has to be, is giving those with a handicap an advantage to equal things out. This is done in any sports I can think of, everyone does it and no one thinks it is unfair. The opposite is the case, things become fair when you take away disadvantages!

So what do I suggest?

In my mind there must be some very exact number which tells us exactly how big the disadvantage is. Let us just look at first person shooters: The average kill per death rate of all PC players vs the average kpd of all console players should tell us the rate at which the console players suffer in both turning speed and accuracy. So what should be done is to give those players exactly that multiplier in health.

Here is an easy example: Lets say things are even from the beginning of the game. After one week of play the average kpd for PC players is 2:1 and for console players is 1:2. What should be done is to automatically give console players 200 hp at the beginning of every life they have. After one week the system checks itself again and adjusts the benefits.

It would also be a nice idea to give console players more xp for killing PC players and the other way around.
There is no doubt in my mind that cross platform play is very possible and could be fair with the right system.

And btw. why is there no cpp in sports / racing games? That makes absolutely no sense except to squeeze more money out of players that want to play with both their friends on consoles and PC and that sucks.

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Friday 29th of August 2014 at 05:59



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