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Why Apps Have No Future

my thoughts on the app delusion


Ok, first of all: calm down. I know that there are some great apps out there. The ones you like, you need and use every day. It isn’t that I think those are stupid, rather than I believe that they can never be as good as a working browser could be instead.
And here is why:
- a browser is preinstalled, no additional downloads needed
- apps need to be coded for every system (iOS, Android, Windows ...) while a website that works in all the browsers is recommended anyways this needs extra effort and manpower

- apps almost never achieve full complexity
-- for instance: an app for YouTube will never give you the power over all its features. Especially the ones connected to your account like creating playlists, getting an auth key etc.
-- it is purely impossible to have all the new updates of a website in all the apps for all the systems at once, there will always be a delay thus creating imcompability or just apps that are uneasy to use...
-- there are apps that are just useless. Just one example that comes to mind is the Android App for Twitch, it just does not work. You can not find your own channel, the entire sorting system is super buggy and the design is just embarrassing itself.

- apps cost money, money is time, therefor time will cure itself of the apps syndrom. In 20 years there are no apps any more.
- the variety of code is too big. It is just too problematic to have all the apps to be exactly the same. Like the facebook app, one of the most used apps ever created, is just totally different on each system. On one system you might be able to chat, on the other you can’t even easily upload a picture. While the website can deliver all the features, apps just can’t.
- multiple opened apps take more power. Not only do they suck more power from your CPU, they need to be installed which drains disk space and while being opened they use energy. Where tabs in browsers are constructed super efficient, apps for most part (the reasons from above play a major part in this) are not.
- they aren’t always up2date when you need ‘em. For example: You are on your way to rent a car from a carsharing site that you have an app for, but all of the sudden there needs to be installed an update of about 25 MB. To get a car – while your limit is already full for this month – you are downloading at 10 kbps, waiting hours before you can find a close vehicle while you should already be on your way – too freaking bad!

That is my thinking here. Feel free to blast me into oblivion with examples you came across. Maybe I just made only bad experience with apps?!

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Tuesday 24th of December 2013 at 06:34



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