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Destiny 2 is dead

The Franchise died in the last couple of months

Unfortunately we have to announce the deadness of Destiny 2 from Bungie. It is so sad to see that this game not only took no steps forward but actually went back a lightyear. What we need Bungie to do right now, is:

  • Bring back the old heavy ammunition spawning cycle
  • Move snipers, shotguns and fusion rifles back to special weapons
  • Lower the time to kill drastically so people have a chance to win against teams who just sit together focussing you down with their primaries
  • Increase movement speed and flexibility (Twilight Garrison, shoulder charge etc.)
  • Make trials of osiris a revive game again (the random spawns DO NOT WORK!)
Would DeeJ from Bungie be so kind to take a look at this and convince Bungie to make Destiny 2 great again (even though it never was). Thank you.

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Wednesday 7th of March 2018 at 12:23


Destiny 2 is Coming

... but only later for PC

Bungie will release Destiny 2 this year for PS4 and XBOX One. Both versions will release in september, 2017. And both versions will have an open beta (if you have pre-ordered Destiny 2) in july. But there is one downside, the great looking PC version will release later on: october 2017. And its open beta will just start later, too: august 2017. With that being said we are still looking forward to play it on PC as some feedback of the early on testers implies that it will be a great game.

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Sunday 2nd of July 2017 at 22:56


Best YouTube Playlists

Here you will see our best playlists on YouTube

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Have fun watching, guys!

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Wednesday 3rd of June 2015 at 13:49


Thorn Buff

Update 1.1 gives you the best weapon in DESTINY

This is amazing. All my wishes have been heard by the gods of Bungie and here it is. THE BRAND NEW BEST WEAPON IN DESTINY. The Thorn now has got nine rounds, advanced mark of the devourer, better weapon handling and a highlighting enemies that have been hit by it. THIS IS THE BEST UPDATE OF ALL TIMES EVER IN ANY SINGLE GAME - I AM LOVING IT!

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Wednesday 3rd of December 2014 at 20:17


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